Who are we

Brishti Technologies, an Ed-Tech company developing and operating large B2C web portals, including LearnPick, MyPrivateTutor, Wizert. Brishti Technologies full working process involves building ideas from scratch, from concept, design and development, to the product rollout, with accompanying digital marketing solutions.

In addition to building company brands, Brishti Technologies provides the know-how to educational institutions globally to utilize most optimized web design and marketing solutions, in order to increase lead generation and customer retention.

Provides strategic and hands-on leadership when it comes to monitoring website traffic across all marketplaces, improving Google rankings, brainstorming on design and UX improvements, and utilizing new technologies.

We are working on these domains since 2002.


  • Managing MyPrivateTutor,
    No. 1 tutoring marketplace in UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
  • Developed,
    No. 2 most popular tutoring marketplace in India, with 800000+ registered members and nearly 1 million visitors per month.
  • Achieved more than 1 million registered members across the globe with LearnPick.
  • Combined monthly traffic averages 2+ million and it keeps increasing.

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