10 Photoshop Alternative Tools To Make Awesome Educational Infographics

10 Photoshop Alternative Tools To Make Awesome Educational Infographics

Visual information always creates the best impression on students. It is also capable of making the subject matter more appealing.

People might think that for designing an infographic, you need to have some design experience at the very least. Not anymore! A huge number of online tools have cropped up that has made this task easier and more convenient. And the best thing is that most of these tools are absolutely free of any cost.

In here, I have listed a few tools that you can use to make awesome educational infographics. Let’s go through them without further ado.

  • Easel.Iy

This is definitely a great tool that allows users to design visually detailed and rich infographics from pre-designated themes.

It’s pretty easy to use based on a drag and drop type interface. Users can design infographics on Easel without having prior designing experience. The tool supports Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

  • Stat planet

This tool here allows users to create amazing visuals and share the same with others at the same time. You can use this tool on your browser itself or can even download the software for free.

Stat planet is easy to use and doesn’t require any prior experience to get yourself started with it.

  • Hohli

You can use this tool to create awesome charts that you can use in your infographics. It’s very easy to use. You just have to pick up the chart type, add your required data and then you can also customize the size and colors.

In simpler words, I will say that Hohli can be used as a great accessory tool to any other infographic tool of yours. It’s advisable to use Hohli and Stat Planet/Easel together to get the best results.

  • Creately

This is another great tool to create flow charts and diagrams. With the help of pre-designed templates and a few diagrams, you will be able to create flow charts with ease on Creately. No previous experience is required.

Fill up with data and share the same with others.

  • Many eyes

This one’s considered one of the easiest to work with. Although you won’t have many options to work on it because it’s mainly based on pre-designed templates; hence customization options are limited.

Many Eyes provides you with a set of pre-defined visualizations that you can use for your design. You will just have to fill in some information and you’ll be set to sue the infographic for your teaching purposes.

  • Wordle

Wordle’s a text based visualization tool. It lets users create their very own word clouds based on several pre made designs.

Easy to use and convenient at the same time. Like most tools highlighted above, you don’t need any prior design experience to get on with this tool.

  • Tableau

The Tableau tool’s capable of functioning only on Windows. Tableau allows users to design interactive visualizations with unique and colorful themes.

Users will be able to share those visualizations with others or embed them on their own websites. The tableau tools’ very easy to use and is available absolutely free of any cost.

  • Inkspace

Just like the ones above, this is another free infographic creation tool. The tool has a simple as well as intuitive interface.

The one unique feature of this tool is that it also allows you to import your visualizations from other sources and combine them with the ones you create on this platform to create your own masterpiece.

Inkspace needs to be downloaded for use.

  • Piktochart

You can use Piktochart to create your own infographics by simply dragging and dropping shapes, graphics and pictures on this platform.

Piktochart comes up with 6 free themes. All 6 are quite decent and are more than capable of fulfilling most common uses of yours with bare ease.

If you want to go for the paid version, you will have access to a host of themes and will also have greater control over customizations.

  • Infogr.am

Infogr.am is a web based tool that you can use to create beautiful inforgraphics.

You can create graphs using real data on Infogr.am. You also have many options for charts which include the likes of map charts, radial bar charts, scatter charts, bubble charts and more. The visualizations created through this tool can also be embedded in your webpage.

There’s one problem though. You won’t be able to download the creations to your computer.

Hope this list comes in handy the next time you go ahead with any design of yours. It’s time I bring this article to an end for now. Hope you had a good read.

Sudipto Das

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