7 Reason's Why Mobile Apps Triumph Over Mobile Websites

7 Reason

The era of complete mobility is already upon us. Almost all businesses have understood this in depth through their marketing research and analysis channels.

They have realized that a major number of prospective clients spend a huge amount of time on the mobile internet. So naturally a mobile marketing venture becomes part of a necessity these days.

For doing mobile marketing, you are expected to have an app. You might argue that a website optimized for mobile users should do the job effectively but certain studies show that users prefer mobile apps more than conventional mobile websites.

So why do mobile apps triumph over mobile websites? Here are a few reasons.

     1. Better personalization is offered by mobile apps

Personalization’s all about offering tailor-made communication to mobile users based on their geographical locations, interests and usage behaviors.

You must remember that personalization’s critical in making mobile purchasing experience delightful. Mobile apps offer such personalization options to customers.

Such personalized content have great chances of converting leads to customers.

     2. Mobile apps have the ease of dispatching notifications

Email is considered one of the most-widely used business communication channel. Almost all businesses use this channel to reach out to their customers.

As a result, the appeal of emails has dropped a lot in comparison to other effective channels of marketing especially from the point of view of digital marketing. Click rates have also dropped a lot.

Mobile app notifications solve this problem to a certain extent. These notifications usually come in two forms:

  • Push notifications,

  • In-app notifications.

Both of them are more than capable of connecting with users effectively.

     3. These apps are capable of working offline

This is one of the most fundamental differences between an app and a mobile website.

Although most apps might require net connectivity for performing the majority of their functions, they can still offer their basic content and functionality in the offline mode.

Simple example:

An educational institute app is more than capable of providing basic functional tools like calculators to students in its offline mode. Such tiny things can sometimes make a huge difference.

     4. Apps give you the freedom of designs

Mobile websites have to rely a lot on browsers for performing even the very basics of functions. They depend on various browser futures such as the back button, the address bar, the refresh button etc.

With mobile apps, you won’t be facing such restrictions.

A mobile app’s usually designed with a lot of complex functions. Most of these complex functions are based on advanced and intricate gestures such as tap, swipe, pinch, hold, drag etc.

With complete freedom comes innovation in the best possible manner.

     5. Apps help in building up your brand value

Almost every business craves to build up a powerful brand value.

Since a mobile app’s vastly distinct from a regular mobile website, it helps in building up your brand value in the best possible way. You’ll get a fair share of loyal followers from the app stores.

Note: Abuses and criticisms are quite common on app stores. If you ignore customer criticisms and abuses, your app ratings are sure to go down over a period of time. Make a plan to deal with such problems effectively with proper solutions.

     6. Mobile users spend more minutes on apps than websites

Studies have shown that mobile users spend almost 86% of their time on apps and only 14% on mobile websites.

Plus the average times spend by users on mobile apps is also creeping up slowly but steadily.

     7. Apps are undoubtedly faster than conventional mobile websites

A well-designed app performs quicker than traditional mobile websites.

That’s because apps usually store their data locally i.e. on the device itself whereas websites store their data on a distant web server. Naturally, data retrieval occurs quickly in mobile apps in comparison to that of mobile websites.

Apps are also capable of saving precious minutes for the users because they are capable of storing user preferences. Through such information, they make the interface tailor-made for individual user access; providing him/her with the convenience of flawless browsing.

So what do you think? Aren’t apps cool? Course they are. Stop procrastinating further and get your business the app it deserves. You will surely see the benefits it brings in no time.

Sudipto Das

Sudipto writes technical content periodically for brishtitechnologies.com  and backs it up with extensive research and relevant examples. He's an avid reader and a tech enthusiast at the same time with a little bit of “Arsenal Football Club” thrown in as well. He's got a B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation.

Follow him on twitter @SudiptoDas1993

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