Website Maintenance: Here’s a checklist that you must maintain at all possible cost (P-1)

Website Maintenance: Here’s a checklist that you must maintain at all possible cost (P-1)

Having just a static website on the World Wide Web isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good in the long run. You need to work on it as well. You have to maintain it, promote it, fix broken links (if any), and do a whole lot of similar jobs to ensure that the website stays right in order. The following tips can come in handy for you.

1. Check your site speed

The speed of your website can have a significant influence on search engine rankings and conversion rates, either for your good or your bad.

Take a closer peek at the following statistics to know how your website loading speed can make all the differences in the world:

  • Most customers expect a site to load within less than 2 seconds.

  • 40% of your customers will leave your site immediately if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

  • For every 1 second increase in load time, your site conversion rate drops by 7%.

  • For every 1 second increase in load time, your user satisfaction rate drops by 16%.

Therefore, you must monitor the speed of your site at periodic intervals, preferably weekly or monthly, and take immediate steps to optimize the same once you notice the speed dropping below a certain feasible level.

The following tools can come in handy for you:

2. Look for broken links and images

The World Wide Web is constantly changing. Meaning, URLs are changing, images are changing, video links are also changing; so you see nothing actually stays the same.

If you link other sites and media throughout your website (which is a good practice by the way), you will need to verify and ensure that each and every link, be it external or internal, is working perfectly or not.

Broken links are a common phenomenon of the World Wide Web. Hence, you must always stay vigilant during your site maintenance routine and do your best to keep this pesky little problem at bay in the best possible manner.

Note: You may use a free tool called Xenu Lunk Sleuth for broken link verifications.

3. If you offer promotions and deals, make sure they are updated well enough

In case you have an e-commerce site where you reward your customers with regular deals and promotions, you must ensure that they are maintained well-enough for your purpose.

Say for example,

You had offered a New Year sale to customers at a flat 25% discount for the first week of January. And then, in February, the banner of the “New Year sale” is still showing up on the first page your site. Do you think it will send a good message to your customer? It will convey an unprofessional message to your customers that you don’t maintain your site regularly for business purposes.

So always keep a careful tab on these things, in particular. These are definitely capable of making all the differences in the world for your own good.

4. Don’t forget to check your domain name

Don’t forget to ensure that your domain name is registered at all possible times.

Some people have no idea as to when their domain name’s going to expire over time. And then, there are also a huge number of people who are either too careless or too lethargic to check these things out and then one day the site just goes down right out of the blues.

So do ensure you don’t lie in that category because if you do, this practice can severely hurt the performance of your site in the long run.

5. Contact information and forms

If your site has any kind of newsletter sign-ups, contact forms, subscriptions, and other similar things for customers, in particular, you should make it a point to check these features out at least once a month to confirm that they are in a fine working condition.

If you notice any issue, go for the fix immediately.

So that completes this part of the article for now. But don’t worry, we will be coming up with the second ASAP. But till then, goodbye!

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