Why Should You Get an Education Website?

Why Should You Get an Education Website?

Have you ever considered designing an education website for your students? No?

In many cases, I have received replies like they are suitable for major institutes; not for the ones who are new in the market. That’s a complete wrong notion. An online presence is an absolute must these days to get success in almost any forms of business.

Why? I can give you several reasons. Take a look.

  • The internet is not going to expire for sure

Until the doomsday comes upon us, you can be sure of one thing that the internet’s here to stay.

The internet already has a significant impact on education. I will even point out one thing that the effect of the internet on this generation’s teachers is similar to the ones personal computers had in the previous generation.

Web literacy is slowly and steadily becoming a part of the basic literacy. Like reading and writing, you will soon be expected to have minimum proficiency in web literacy.

Better adopt this policy now to benefit in the long run. Getting a website is not a cost; in fact, it’s an investment. It’s an investment with high ROI (return on investment).

  • The internet is specifically suited for certain assignments

I am going to explain this with a simple example.

Say for example, you have assigned your students certain coding DIY (Do it yourself) problems. Can you think of any other thing than the internet that’s going to help them the most for completing those tasks?

Google’s the best teacher, the best tool, the best…you name it, Google has it.

So you see the internet does have a specific suitability to certain assignments indeed. If you have n online presence, you can interact with your students on the web itself. You don’t have to resort to pen and paper anymore; your online platform will be more than capable of fulfilling your purposes.

  • Most students enjoy their time on the web

I am sure you won’t be surprised by this. Ask your class whether they like working on the web or not. Almost 90% of them will surely say that they do. What’s your take away from this?

The answer’s simple. If you want to draw in more enthusiastic students, an online platform is necessary.

You will also see that your web assignments are done more enthusiastically by students than regular assignments on paper. Well, if you want to input the enthusiasm in them, you should get a website where they will be able to submit those assignments from the comfort of their drawing room.

  • The internet provides convenience and also saves a whole lot of time

Say for example, you have a website where you post your syllabi and other relate study materials that can be downloaded by students (in fact anyone unless there’s security) anywhere, anytime they want.

Do you think it’ll be beneficial? Course it’ll benefit your students. They can access that information whenever they want.

In addition, your instructors will also be able to put up FAQs, grading, class assignments, study tips etc. on the same website which are going to be equally beneficial to your students. Like I said before, they will have access to all such information from the very comfort of their drawing room.

You are also going green by cutting down on your paper uses. Being environment friendly is always a good thing, especially in the current circumstances.

Naturally, your online presence increases convenience and saves a whole lot of time and money.

  • No geographical barriers

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of getting an online presence. You are going to curb all geographical barriers and reach more students in the blink of an eye.

Your student might be in the UK and you might be in the US but it isn’t going to be a problem. Your online platform should be enough to create a channel of communication between you two.

Your student will be able to access your information (the ones you upload on your site) wherever s/he is, whenever s/he wants. This is simply impossible to do without a web presence.

So what do you reckon? Should you get a website? Don’t just procrastinate; just go for it.

Sudipto Das

Sudipto writes technical content periodically for brishtitechnologies.com  and backs it up with extensive research and relevant examples. He's an avid reader and a tech enthusiast at the same time with a little bit of “Arsenal Football Club” thrown in as well. He's got a B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation.

Follow him on twitter @SudiptoDas1993

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