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E-Book Design and Development

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With the escalation in the quality of mobile devices and the phenomenal success of gadgets such as the iPad and the Kindle, more and more people are feasting on digital material on the move. Whether you remodel your existing printed materials of your Institution into ebook format, or you altogether set about designing and developing brand new content, via ebooks your educational institute will be able to share content in a professional manner. This wonderful technology will allow the schools and colleges  to publish their unique documents as e-books that will not only espouse text but video, audio and animated content too.

What you can expect

  • We will help  you to design, build, launch and promote your ebooks
  • We will ensure you have a strong brand identity and presence in the digital arena for decades to come.
  • E-book products can be launched from your institute’s website.
  • Our ebook designers and developers can help you make your University/College literature available to existing customers as well as enabling you to engage with a whole new segment of your market.

What we need from you

  • Educational Business name and address  
  • Detailed information about your education business/school/college/university
  • Your  website's target audience
  • The locations your education business caters for
  • URL of the educational website
  • Core education services
  • The literature you plan to design into ebooks.


What if we do not like the design?

Yes we will change the design once if you do not like the same.

If we want to add something extra will you do the same?

We will try to incorporate the changes as long as we are not finished with designing the ebook. After the completion of the work it will be difficult for us to adjust the changes.

Do we need to provide you with the content for E-book?

Yes,  you have to provide us with the content for ebook. We can frame and design the same with professional SEO touches.