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Facebook Marketing Campaign for Educational Institute

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The facebook marketing campaign for your educational institution, be it a school, college, university or online training, serves a variety of purposes. It can provide the right information to prospective students and parents, communicate effectively with the student community, reach out to the general public and sponsors with frequent updates and act as a mouthpiece for the organization to the outer world.

Facebook marketing is an amazingly productive way to keep your customers and potential customers abreast with your academic products, services and information they are interested in. The very ability  to communicate with a group of people who are interested in your products or services that render a platform to academics can be a very effective way to increase revenue. This is one of the most happening platform nowadays where universities/colleges/schools reach out to the parents community.

Hire us as your Facebook marketing specialists for your educational website to set up marketing campaigns for three facebook tools (pages, ads, and groups) that can be used by anyone to best of advantages. Each of these options has its own purpose, and they can be combined for greater reach.Facebook Pages for your institute/ college/university are all about captivating your students, teachers and parents community.  Running contests, asking questions, and crowdsourcing content are all prolific ways to get people Liking, commenting on, and sharing your Facebook posts for your educational business. We would optimize your campaign for maximum ROI.

What you can expect

  • Best targeted advertising programs online.
  • Create 4/5 different ad copies with matching images
  • It’s all about testing, with that we can create the perfect ad for our audience

What we need from you

  • Add us as a marketer on the Facebook page
  • Add us as admin/marketer on Facebook Business Manager account
  • Target Countries or Cities
  • Target Demographics
  • Profile photo and cover image of your Educational Institute


What types of contents will you post on my accounts?

To guarantee maximum engagement, we will post various kinds of contents on your accounts including news-based, promotional, guides, content related to recent trends, inspirational, interactive content that may require feedback from readers and so on.

How will this task be accomplished?

We will post curated contents, monitor the overall performance of the accounts, respond to comments, promoting the posts and profiles, facilitating a high level of engagement on the profiles and so on.

Can I get to know how much of my marketing budget has been consumed?

Yes, it will be included in our monthly report.

At what intervals will you submit the reports?

We only provide monthly performance report for your college’s /university’s /school’s website.