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Chatbot Development for Institute to Answer Parent Questions and Queries

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Chatbots have the capacity to revolutionize the ways you do business. That’s because the craze over social media has narrowed down to a more personal level; messengers to be more specific. Chatbots provide you the convenience to interact with users on messengers ranging from Facebook messenger to Whatsapp. It’s convenient, simple and easy to access at the same time.

We can develop a rule based Chatbot for your educational institutes that can work on Facebook Messenger and through a series of interactive questions, it will be able helps users find your store products or services The chatbot works on any device on which Messenger works and can be accessed by simply typing your brand or product name on Messenger.

What you can expect

  • Complete chatbot development through and Heroku Database services.
  • Complete web services (if required) integration with the help of your developer or provide website hosting access to us.
  • Integration with your Facebook page through Webhook.
  • Submit app for Facebook Approval and make it LIVE for public.

What we need from you

  • Mention website URL.
  • One email from your domain for API.AI and Heroku service sign up.
  • Access to Facebook Developer account.
  • Admin access to your Facebook page (can be removed later).
  • Proper guidance through all access process.


What are the types of chatbots you create?

We create 2 types of chatbot namely natural language chatbot and rule based chatbot.

What kind of technology do you use?

The technologies used are, Heroku, IBM Watson, Chat Fuel, Facebook Messenger API, Node.js.

Is it necessary to provide my website hosting access to you for chatbot integration?

Not necessarily! We can guide your developers in this task to do the integration easily and efficiently. Otherwise, you can always give us your website hosting access to do the job on our behalf. Don’t worry! It’ll be perfectly safe.

Can I ask for a few modifications after completion?

Yes, you can. The modifications will be done only ONCE though.

How would you integrate the chatbot with my facebook page?

The integration would be done through webhook. A webhook is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page, or web application, with custom callbacks. It might sound a little technical but be assured of one thing that it’s going to be flawless in its working.

On what messenger will my chatbot work?

Facebook messenger to be precise. It will also work on skype.