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Website Development with Lead Management, Class Management System and Whiteboard Tools

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We can develop a website coupled with a lead management and class management system along with whiteboard tools for your educational institutes. With the help of our lead management system, you will be able to manage your leads efficiently keeping chaos at bay.

Our class management system would also help you manage your classes systematically and efficiently. Our whiteboard tools will help you utilize a virtual online whiteboard for your online classes which is quite similar to that of physical whiteboards. Your scribbles on the virtual whiteboard can be seen by your students in real time and vice versa. You will be able to exchange documents on the same platform with sheer ease and convenience.

What you can expect

  • Complete website development accompanied with lead management and class management system along with whiteboard tools.
  • 2-3 sample templates or layouts to choose from
  • Easy to use backend CMS.
  • Users with limited expertise will be able to add, modify and remove content from the website without the intervention of a webmaster.
  • Proper guidance during access.
  • Attractive website interface.
  • An easy to use lead capturing and class management system.

What we need from you

  • Your detailed requirements.
  • Your working email ID.
  • Your target audience.
  • Lead details you want to capture.
  • Your institute subjects.


Can I come back to you with any query related to the service after completion?

You are more than welcome. Please come back to us with your queries. We’ll try to answer them best in the best possible way.

Is it possible to development a few more pages after completion?

YES! It’s possible. You’ll be charged extra for the job.

Would you host my website?

Our service is entitled to website designing only. We don’t offer to host your website on our server.

What if I want to modify certain things about the design after completion?

Please come back to us with your suggestions. We’ll make the necessary changes according to your choices. The changes would be made only ONCE.